Life in the Big Story

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Life in the Big Story

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We are part of an epic story. From Adam and Eve as they walked with God, to the charged anticipation of the Israelites as they prepared to enter the promised land; from the life, death and resurrection of Jesus to the birth of the Church and beyond, God's plan for his people remains constant.

'Life in the big Story' is a call to find our place in God's story. It is a call to hear his heartbeat and let it change our own.


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Reviews of Life in the Big Story


Having been involved in Christian literature and a bookshop ministry for nearly 40 years, this is one of the best books I have ever read. I have been so enriched and blessed by reading "Life in the Big Story". Heidi's style of writing makes it a compelling read. Her understanding and explanation of theology woven throughout the book is brilliant. She gives a fresh understanding of Old Testament matters such as the law and how God wanted to bless his people through obeying his law. Her use of personal illustrations and practical applications make the book so relevant for life today.

The impact made by this book on my own soul was such that I had a deeper and fuller appreciation of God and I was thrilled to have a fresh understanding that, by God's grace, I have a part to play in the big story.

John Speirs
GLO Ambassador
Deuteronomy? Come on, be honest, not the book in The Bible that most of us turn to first. Unless that is, you have read, 'Life in the Big Story'. Heidi opens up the fifth book of the Old Testament and reveals it as an exciting and vibrant map of how God works with His people through history. How God, long-suffering, patient and faithful deals in mercy with a group of stiff-necked, wilful individuals - in fact, people just like us. I was delighted with how she weaves in illustrations from her own life in ways uncontrived and perfectly apt. Not simplistic little homilies, but genuine and relevant details that help open up what, to be honest, can be a fairly inaccessible book to many of us. And she has done some serious work here too. For the more studious Bible reader, there is the evidence of hard groundwork and intellectual research with many refreshing insights. This book is a wonderful addition to my bookshelf, as an aide to Bible study as well as an inspirational devotional. I wholeheartedly recommend it to all!                       
I McKeown, author